University of Florida

Alternative Enterprises

As urban sprawl spills into rural areas, the popularity of small farming enterprises has increased due to a growing interest in improving small land tract profitability. Small farming systems include successful money-making enterprises like specialty crops and small livestock. Many of these small farm owners are newcomers to farming, and as such have a critical need for education in the basic agricultural practices of plant, soil, and livestock management. Stimulating and cultivating small farming enterprises in the state should result in increased small farm profitability, enhanced rural living, and improved environmental quality.

The topics below were recorded during a field day at the North Florida Research and Education Center - Suwannee Valley (NFREC-SV) near Live Oak. They represent some alternative enterprises which may be of interest to small producers. Some include PowerPoint presentations which discuss marketing and post-production concerns. Please note, the audio for some of these videos is very loud so please adjust your speakers accordingly!

This page was last updated on June 15, 2010.